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Project 365
The Zoë Version
23rd-Aug-2009 05:20 pm - Day 178
My delightful friends Kyle and Theresa found these for me at a free-trade store while on their trip to the mid-west.  They know I like cats, black cats especially, and thought I would like them.  Which I do!

23rd-Aug-2009 05:19 pm - Day 177
Steps, or teddy bear coffins?  You decide....

23rd-Aug-2009 05:18 pm - Day 176
So, in which direction is the detour, actually?

23rd-Aug-2009 05:09 pm - Day 175
A pretty sunset...

19th-Aug-2009 09:44 pm - Day 174
Anybody need some pork butts?

19th-Aug-2009 09:43 pm - Day 173
Back to my writing again.  I've been enjoying getting back to actually writing on a page.  I just think it's really kind of beautiful the way the ideas come from my head and come out the tip of the pen onto the paper.  I find a full page with words on it to be a very beautiful thing.

19th-Aug-2009 09:39 pm - Day 172
So this was a concept I was playing around with for a little while and I wish I had a better camera to get it, but what I was going for was the reflection in the screen: the pen in my hand.  I was doing some writing and listening to the new Imogen Heap album, and I looked up and saw the reflection, and I thought it was really cool.  I tried a few shots with my digital and then with my camera phone, and got better results with my phone.  I may go back to visit this concept again when I have a better camera.

16th-Aug-2009 10:11 pm - Day 171
Having nothing better to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I drove up to Estes Park and spent the afternoon walking around there.  I took a walk up the Big Thompson River, which is below.  It was lovely.  It was actually raining when I took the picture, even though it's sunny.  If you look close you can see the rain drops.

15th-Aug-2009 07:11 pm - Day 170
One helluva cool thunderhead forming south of Greeley.

15th-Aug-2009 07:11 pm - Day 169
Visiting the Denver Center for the Performing Arts...

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