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Project 365
The Zoë Version
August 4th, 2009 
12:45 pm - Day 153
Need to do some serious catching up with this...

Getting some reading done with a pal!

12:46 pm - Day 154
It's impossible to get any work done with a Simon cat on my lap...keeps wanting to move my mouse for me.

12:47 pm - Day 155
Made a new mask, for Carnivale at the last weekend of ren faire...

12:47 pm - Day 156
Two beautiful ladies, two beautiful masks...

12:48 pm - Day 157
Excellent tip haul on the last day of faire...

12:48 pm - Day 158
My dad's birthday was on Friday, but we took him out to dinner last night at Cinzetti's.  Had to wait for a bit...

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